Body Butters

Body Butters
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Rich, whipped body butter made just for you with all organic ingredients!  Whether you have skin allergies or just don't want to put those weird chemicals on your skin, our beauty products are a great choice.  Even before starting TTT, Tanya loved smelling like desserts, especially cinnamon rolls, so that was our first creation.  The scents of cinnamon rolls & pumpkin pie have even been proven to be the top scent aphrodisiacs for men, but we have plenty of other scents too :)

In light of recent tragedies, we have scents that benefit certain causes!  To benefit Hurricane Harvey victims, we'll give 50% of the sale of Yellow Rose of Texas, Bluebonnets & Magnolias, Pecan Pie, & Margarita flavors to the Best Friends Rescue & Reunite Center.  To benefit the earthquake victims in Mexico, we'll give 50% of the sale of Mexican Cocoa, Horchata, Jamaica, Mango, & Pan Dulce flavors to  And to benefit hurricane victims in Puerto Rico we'll give 50% of the sale of Guayaba, Coquito, Flan de Queso, and Pina Colada body butters & lip balms to Unidos por Puerto Rico.  If you'd like a treat you can actually eat, order the Texas Bourbon Pecan Pie Tassies, Mexican Wedding Cookies, or Puerto Rican cheesecake flan, and 50% will be donated to their relavent causes too.  

Since body butters are made when you order, please allow at least a week for shipping (contact us for faster shipping).  Bulk pricing and other sizes available.  They make great gifts too, and we'd be happy to put together a sampler or gift pack for you.  We even have them in mini sizes for party favors!

All body butters are vegan, and never tested on animals.  No palm oil, no parabens, no chemicals.  Just good stuff.

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