Cake Flavors

Cake Flavors
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Tanya was not a fan of sheet cake growing up, so she worked for years to perfect cakes that were more like delectable plated desserts, with generous layers of luscious fillings (most cakes have 3-4 layers per tier).  Our flavors are what elevate us to a new level of cake that you can't find elsewhere, and we're excited to prove to you what you've been missing all along. We can also do a customized cake based on your favorite dessert, cocktail, or party colors...we love new ideas and would love to create something just for you!  We'd be happy to do a tasting in your own home for $20/person (for weddings & large cakes only.  Fee is deductible if you end up ordering your cake from us). 

Our most popular flavors are:

1) luscious vanilla cake filled with fresh raspberries, tart lemon curd, and cherry-chambord buttercream
2) rich chocolate chip cake filled with nutella mousse and frangelico mocha buttercream (toasted nuts optional)
3) decadent triple chocolate cake filled with baileys irish cream mousse and baileys buttercream 
4) vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream frosting (our Strawberry Shortcake!)
5) pink grapefruit cake filled with grapefruit-hibiscus flower curd & guava buttercream (it's a little crazy, but clients adore it!)
6) lemon cake with passion fruit or lemon curd, fresh raspberries, and lemon frosting
7) coconut rum cake with coconut custard and salted coconut rum buttercream
8) triple chocolate cake with fresh raspberries and chambord buttercream
9) carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
10) red velvet with cream cheese frosting

11) brown sugar cake with peaches or cherries, bourbon mascarpone, and salted caramel buttercream (our cobbler cake!)

Contact us at to discuss pricing for sizes and designs.  Cakes start at $50 or $4/serving for larger cakes and increase with intricacy of design.  

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Price $50.00