Curds, Spreads, & Gelees

Curds, Spreads, & Gelees
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You've heard all about them & maybe even bought a few, but now you can order them online!  All fruit is grown locally in Cowan Heights in Orange County, in organic gardens with zero pesticides.  Tanya collects fruit from her own garden or her neighbors' at the peak of season, and creates smooth citrus curds, vegan gelees, and rich spreads.  They're the star of the show on a cheese platter, the perfect finish to a dessert, a surprising game-changer in cocktails, and more!

If you like the tart & complex passion fruit, try the decadent curd swirled into greek yogurt or the unforgettable gelee spiked with champagne which is a fabulous paired with brie or simply spread on a croissant!  For a deeper flavor, try the blackberry cabernet gelee mixed into a pitcher of mojitos or paired with a stronger cheese on a charcuterie platter.   If you like pecans, you'll adore the frangelico pecan butter which is generously spiked with the infamous hazelnut liqueur & a dash of fleur de sel.  We've heard people simply eat it with a spoon, but you can put it on everything from pancakes to pastries.  If you're feeling daring, try the grapefruit hibiscus curd...we bet you've never tried anything like it and you'll quickly become addicted.  

We're constantly coming up with new flavors & finding new fruit to use, so keep up to date on our facebook page (  We also put out seasonal sampler boxes as well, including thin cookies to match.  

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