Toffees & Brittles

Toffees & Brittles
  • Item #: Brittle

Due to high demand, our brittles & toffees are now available!

Made the old-fashioned way, our brittles & toffees are a great little bite with coffee or crumbled on ice cream.

Try the hazelnut brittle (the same stuff we use as a filling in the chocolate chip cake) with roasted hazelnuts & a touch of Frangelico, or the pecan brittle with a hint of bourbon. As for toffee, go with the traditional milk chocolate toffee, white chocolate macadamia toffee, or the new dark-chocolate cherry toffee that was a huge hit at OC magazine's recent event. Each order contains 2 giant scoops of toffee/brittle. If you can't make up your mind, try a sample box of one scoop each of all 5! Naturally gluten-free, you can also order them in vegan or sugar-free as well.

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Price $10.00