Whoopee Pies

Whoopee Pies
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Cupcakes are out, whoopees are in!

Soft cake cookies sandwiched around luscious frosting filling.  Not too sweet, we want you to try the flavors more than the sugar.  

Try everyone's favorite, the red velvet whoopee with rich cream cheese filling, or be daring & taste a brand new flavor!  The lemon chiffon whoopee is light & airy with juicy cherry filling, or try the chocolate chip whoopee with chocolate hazelnut spread & frangelico mousse in the middle...it's the whoopee version of our most popular tantalizing cake.  Keep checking back, we add new flavors all the time!

Can't decide which whoopee to get?  Split up your box of 10 with 2 different flavors!  We'll also include some seasonal extras for you to try.  

Comes in our gorgeous box, with ice packs to preserve flavor.  

Now available: try 20 lil whoops instead of 10 regular size!  They're a 2-bite treat & great at standing-room-only cocktail parties.

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Price $32.00